Sunday, August 25, 2013

Carmello tomato

The French Carmello is among the most productive tomatoes ever bred. It is popular in European markets because of it's exceptionally fine flavor. I de-hybridized this variety over a 5 year period around 1993. Bears large crops of heavy, juicy tomatoes with flavor that just doesn't stop. Another favorite because it consistently produces great tasting fruit, even in cooler weather. Good for slicing in salads, sautéed, or as an integral part of any dish.


lancelets (from "lancet"), also known as amphioxus, comprise some twenty-two species of fish-like marine chordates with a global distribution in shallow temperate (as far north as Scotland)[2] and tropical seas, usually found half-buried in sand. They are an important object of study in zoology as they provide indications about the origins of the vertebrates. Lancelets serve as an intriguing comparison point for tracing how vertebrates have evolved and adapted. Although lancelets split from vertebrates more than 520 million years ago, their genomes hold clues about evolution, particularly how vertebrates have employed old genes for new functions.[4] They are regarded as similar to the archetypal vertebrate form..[

Friday, August 16, 2013

Vans August 2013
ford f250 van - $1200 (greenville nc)
call 252-329-1424
1988 Ford E250 Van
$1450 (Garner)
1990 Ford E350 Work Van - $1600 (Fayettville)
Contact Ms. P @ (252) 349- 3386
1993 Ford Conversion Van - $2200 (Raleigh Durham)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Newsboy Cap

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Newsboy Cap - Brown Wool Herringbone [004181S]

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Check out our Newsboy Cap in Brown Wool Herringbone, it’s just shouting out with 19th century street-cred. Don’t just read all about it, snap one up for your own unofficial uniform of times gone by.
Made from 100-percent wool with a herringbone check pattern in browns, our unlined cap is an instant classic in any era. Traditional eight-quarter style cap updated with a shorter bill.
Made in the USA. Available in men’s sizes M-XL.
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Item: 004181S