Saturday, October 27, 2012

Direct and Inverse Relationships

Let us say that we are considering two quantities which we can call x and y. These could be anything - temperature and pressure, population and crime rate, weight and height, etc. If these have a direct relationship (or a direct correlation as we might also call it) that means that if you increase one, you increase the other, or if you decrease one, you decrease the other. So if x increases, y also increases. If it is an inverse relationship (or correlation) that means that increasing one will decrease the other. If you get more x, you will then have less y.
Note that there is a third alternative. Many things have no relationship, either direct or inverse, so if you increase x, that tells you nothing about what will happen with y. These quantities would be said to have no correlation.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Things to do

put bleach in bathroom

water plants
go LCC
hair cut
mommas books
4pm sumo

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Glowing Mushrooms
Panellus stipticus : Luminescent Panellus - 10cc liquid culture


Hard Wood Pellets - 2 quart bag



"I must guard against a strong and increasing tendency to indulge in dogged, sullen conduct - the conduct of vexation (much promoted by want of exercise); but I confess that much as I love them, I could wish them both to the Devil, with their high-flown, egocentrical points of honor and their purblind spurring one another on to remarkable exploits that may very well end in unnecessary death. In their death, which is their concern: but also in mine, to say nothing of the rest of the ship's company. A slaughtered crew, a sunken ship and my collections destroyed - these do not weigh at all against their punctilios. There is a systematic flocci-naucinihili-pilification of all other aspects of existence that angers me."
Master and Commander by Patrick O'Brien p. 336-337

"The wine is drawn, it must be drunk. The frog has neither feathers nor wool, and yet she sings. You will have to sail up to the Downs, eating the bread of affliction off your cable-laid baubles, and wetting it with the tears of misery; and I may tell you, sir, that you will eat it without me."
Post Captain by Patrick O'Brien p.198

You are not to eat any hametz with it; for seven days you are to eat with it matzah, the bread of affliction; for you came out of the land of Egypt in haste. Thus you will remember the day you left the land of Egypt as long as you live.
Deuteronomy 16:3
          Matzah is an unleavened bread eaten at passover to commemorate the flight of the
 .        Israelites from Egypt.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

career advice

Getting an MS Desktop cert is the most valuable, easy, and widely applicable certificate that you can obtain. It's basically a "I know how to do shit with computers" certificate that isn't very specific. It's learning a bit of everything and gives you the basic IT foundation. I know everything an MS Desktop Cert entails because I've done it all through growing up, but I'm still going to go test for mine next month.

Job agencies are your best bet for entry-level and temp jobs.

lenoir community college

epa certfication
 carlos caito 252-233-6851
waste water treatment I, II, III, IIII 40hr $120 + book genna smith

ninjy wed 4pm sumo

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Shutter Island

The mansion where Dr. Cawley lives was shot at Turner Hill Golf Club in Ipswich, Massachusetts.